Foundation of the Swiss Trustnet International Association

On December 28th 2020, ag and the three key investors otris software AG (Germany), Intersys AG (Switzerland), Ramseier Treuhand AG (Switzerland), founded the Swiss Trustnet International Association which we take over the governance of TrustnetONE, a permissioned Hyperledger BESU (private Ethereum) chain initiated by ag. will transfer the ownership and open source all on-chain governance smart contracts during the first semester 2021. The association which will apply for commercial registration during the first quarter of 2021.

The association aims at fostering the adoption of blockchain technology for cross-border applications and to provide a transparent and highly decentralised blockchain governance within a clearly defined legal framework and predictable transaction cost and time. The terms and conditions are laid out in the articles of association.

All decisions such as the the approval of new node operators, validators, members, services providers or protocol updates are regulated by smart contracts and are taken on-chain.

The association requires services provides to identify any individual or legal entity that executes transactions on the chain.

The association strives for a highly diverse composition of its members where each member is on equal footing.

The association is headquartered in Berne, Switzerland.

The following board members have been elected:

Dr. Emanuel Dettwiler, L.L.M, Partner Kellerhals Carrard Basel, President

Dr. Christoph Niemann, Co-Founder otris software AG, Germany, Vice President

Rolf Ramseier, Owner Ramseier Treuhand, Switzerland, Secretary

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