Every business, authority or institution (legal entity) can participate in TrustnetONEn. Before registering the legal entity, a user that legally represents the legal entity must register first. Afterwards the legal entity can apply to become a node operator, validator or member of the association. With the application the legal entity accepts the terms and conditions laid out in the corresponding agreements (available in the application; see below) or the articles of association. The approval with the necessary quorums depend on the legal entity's legitimate interest in TrustnetONE (e.g. an issuer of token contracts) or their contribution to the reputation of the chain.

Currently, blockchain management of TrustnetONE is still performed in the TRUSTWISE SMART SHARES application, which will become available in the Apple or Google App Stores in the first quarter of 2021. Alternatively, it can be accessed via browser or ad interim via Testflight.

Please contact us for participation at